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Attendees to the 2022 Fleet Forward and Fleet Safety Conferences in Santa Clara had the...

FFC22: Fleet Electrification Moves from Concept to Reality

The undertaking of fleet electrification is bigger than anyone thought just five years ago. But the fleet community that gathered in Santa Clara is up to the challenge.

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Both Navistar and TuSimple officials said they remain committed to the development of autonomous...

TuSimple, Navistar End Autonomous Truck Partnership

TuSimple and Navistar have announced an end to their nearly two-and-a-half-year partnership intended to co-develop autonomous semi-trucks for production by 2024.

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We compared estimated energy costs for the all-electric Ford E-Transit to fuel costs for the...

How to Calculate EV vs. ICE Vehicle Cost Per Mile

We’ve all heard that fleeting EVs will lower your “fuel” bill considerably compared to an ICE vehicle. But by how much, exactly? Here’s the formula.

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Tesla handed over a battery-electric Semi truck to PepsiCo.

The Tesla Semi Launch 2.0

We know a little more now about the Tesla battery-electric Semi truck, as the first one is delivered to a customer — five years after its initial debut.

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The Road to Fleet Electrification: Learning from Experience

Sponsored by Heliox

The Road to Fleet Electrification: Learning from Experience

As the sun begins to set on the diesel engine, fleets across the globe are undergoing a major shift toward electric trucks (eTrucks). In Heliox’s new eTruck Report, major fleets across Europe gave their insights into the benefits, roadblocks, and key learnings they experienced during their electrification process. Read to learn more.

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Announcing the program launch in August 2022 are DCAS Commissioner Dawn Pinnock (podium), New...

NYC Fleet Presents Preliminary Data on Speed Limiter Pilot

New York City is the first in the nation to equip 50 city fleet vehicles with telematics technology that keeps them moving at the appropriate speed and no faster.

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The BrightDrop Zevo is built on GM's flexible Ultium EV architecture, which enables the OEM to...

GM Opens EV Plant to Build BrightDrop Delivery Vans

The first full-scale electric vehicle plant in Canada on Dec. 5 produced the first BrightDrop Zevo 600 to roll off the CAMI production line.

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Mullen Automotive will now assume production of the ELMS Class 1 electric cargo delivery van.

Mullen Automotive Buys Assets of Electric Delivery Van Maker ELMS

ELMS' assets expand Mullen’s manufacturing capacity, and with the previous Bollinger Motors acquisition, EV rollouts to market will speed up.

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The rapid push to electric vehicles might give a major incentive for a change in vehicle...

Why Subscription Models May be First Step to EV Adoption

In the middle of historic changes, are subscriptions and car sharing the path for mass electric vehicle adoption?

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Honda will produce the CR-V variant at its Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville,...

Honda Recommits to Fuel Cell Vehicles

Honda announced that it will produce an all-new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle based on the Honda CR-V starting in 2024.

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In pursuit of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, Tesla is opening its EV...

Tesla Heats Up Race for Universal Electric Vehicle Charge Connector

With the growth of EV models and charging networks, whose connector equipment should become the standard? Will there ever be a one-size-fits-all EV plug-and-port like the common fuel pump nozzle?

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Suyog Deshpande from Samsara believes that four key fleet postions will drive change toward...

Electric Fleet Vehicles Hit the Real Street of Hurdles and Results

The annual Fleet Forward Conference offered a firsthand look at the first phases of fleet electrification and the unpredictable changes ahead.

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QuikPark's commercial shuttle electrified by Karma Automotive. The newly electrified shuttles...

Karma Automotive Delivers First Electrified Commercial Vehicles

Airport parking service QuikPark, added three commercial shuttles electrified by Karma Automotive to their fleet, servicing LAX customers.

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After an initial integration phase, Lightning and HEVO will showcase the wireless charging...

Lightning Fleet Brings Wireless Charging to Med-Duty Fleets

Lightning eMotors announced a new collaboration with Hevo to develop wireless charging functionality to all Lightning vehicles, starting with the Class 3 ZEV3 model.

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Bruce Landsberg, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, presented the show's...

2022 Fleet Forward Conference - Days 2 and 3 [Photos]

Check out more photos from the combined 2022 Fleet Forward and Fleet Safety Conference in Santa Clara, California, where we gathered expert speakers and fleet managers to talk about and experience the future of fleet!

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