Plus: Will Rivian's Van Be Available to Fleets (Other than Amazon?)

Mobility solutions for fleets

Fleets and technicians must navigate an EV’s intricate electronic componentry involving...

EVs Save on Maintenance, What About Collision Repairs?

EVs can be 27% to 53% more costly to repair than gas-powered vehicles, particularly relating to new ADAS technologies. Automotive repair and collision technicians need new tools to adjust.

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The J.D Power study found that satisfaction improves 179 points when moving up from a Level 1...

New Study Shows EV Owners' Thoughts on Cost of Home Charging

J.D. Power’s latest survey explores the electric vehicle marketplace and how rising electricity rates are leading to more EV owners expressing dissatisfaction with home charging.

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The delayed rollout of the Rivian LDV is one example of how supply-chain disruptions and...

Rivian’s Electric Van May Soon Be Available to Fleets

The EV maker is in discussions with Amazon to remove the exclusivity clause of their delivery van agreement.

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The 20-foot trucks transporting refrigerated and frozen goods will operate seven days per week.

Kroger to Deploy Gatik Autonomous Box Trucks

Gatik will deploy multiple autonomous trucks for Kroger, transporting shipments consisting of groceries, foodstuffs, and general merchandise on a continuous service loop from Kroger’s Distribution Center.

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The First Element high-capacity mobile refueler uses liquid hydrogen.

Hyundai, FirstElement Fuel Testing Fuel-Cell Trucks, Hydrogen Fueling Network

FirstElement Fuel’s Class A licensed drivers are piloting three Xcient Fuel Cell trucks on routes throughout California.

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Freight hauling, busing, and government applications led registration types in 2022.

Fleet Data Depot: Early Learnings from Commercial EV Registration Data

Data tabulated by S&P Global Mobility shows commercial EV registration data by state, vocation, and vehicle types for 2022, the first year with substantive commercial EV sales.

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Embark went public in 2021 through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal.

Embark Autonomous-Truck Company Could Close its Doors

It's been a tough nine months for the autonomous trucking industry, and that may mean the death-knell for Embark.

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Company officials reported net earnings of $17.8 million for the year, compared to a net loss of...

Lion Electric Reviews Q4, Overall 2022 Fiscal Outcomes

The Montreal-based electric vehicle company reported $46.8 million in revenue for the fourth quarter and overall annual revenue of $139.9 million, with more than 500 vehicles delivered.

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Attendees at the Atlanta tour stop will be able to experience vehicles from Beep, Chevrolet,...

Fleet Forward: The Tour Atlanta Announces Vehicle Lineup

Join us in the “Silicon Orchard” on March 30 for a one-day exclusive event where fleet managers can drive EVs and experience the latest technologies, bundled with seminars, networking, and lunch.

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Although there is still reluctance on the part of many buyers – and some dealers – to go...

Push Toward EVs Is Electric, But the Future Isn’t Crystal-Clear for Dealers

A maze of unknowns when it comes to the transition away from ICE vehicles calls for soul-searching, careful planning.

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