Mobility solutions for fleets

Plan for the end game, not the getting-off-the-ground game, says John Lindsey, of Schneider...

5 Steps to Future-Proof Your EV Strategy

Before you buy an EV or install a charger, you’ll need to understand the data to effectively manage chargers, utilities, and cybersecurity — and install a system that provides a full view of your infrastructure and platform applications.

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Fleet Manager’s View: Transitioning from ICE to EVs

Fleet Manager’s View: Transitioning from ICE to EVs

Hear one fleet manager's perspective regarding the variables you should consider when transitioning to EVs in this episode of Fast Forward.

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EAVX — which created this next generation delivery vehicle concept — will lead JB Poindexter &...

Designing Truck Bodies for the Coming Wave of Commercial EVs

John B. Poindexter and Mark Hope of JB Poindexter & Co discuss how bodies and upfits are evolving to integrate with electric vehicle chassis and how the company’s new business unit will serve this burgeoning market.

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The 2024 Silverado EV WT is expected to be released Spring 2023.

GM Joins EV Truck Race with 2024 Chevrolet Silverado

It’ll offer 400 miles of driving range, up to 10,000 pounds of trailering capacity, and much more for those looking to electrify their fleet.

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Subaru Solterra

Crossing the Threshold—Electric Crossovers & SUVs: 2022 & Beyond

The electric crossover and SUV revolution is here, and from old/new entries like the Chevrolet Bolt EUV to the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQB, the crossovers are poised to add speed, panache, and even some towing capacity to America’s roads.

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Electric Last Mile Solutions Delivery Van

The New-Look Electric Van Market: 2022 & Beyond

As the last-mile delivery segment explodes, manufacturers large and small have answered the challenge with a wild variety of vehicles—and the delivery “van” may never be the same.

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Lucid Air

The Eclectic Electric Car Market: 2022 & Beyond

Perhaps the most recognizable of the electric fleet segment, today’s electric vehicles are a far cry from the moonlander-like models that debuted not so long ago.

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Bollinger B1 utility truck and B2 pickup truck models are both all-wheel drive, high-performance...

Bollinger Motors Postpones Electric Pickup and SUV, Looks to Commercial EV Fleet Chassis

The move, announced via Instagram, will help Bollinger Motors to continue to develop technology that will have an impact in the automotive world's green future.

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An estimated 560 people died in 2018 from car fires.

Electric Vehicles Least Likely to Go Up in Smoke

Vehicle fires are a serious safety hazard but electric, hybrid, and gas vehicles pose different challenges.

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Various media reports say Local Motors employees were looking for work on LinkedIn, though the...

Local Motors Reportedly Plans Shut Down

The company, known for its autonomous shuttle called Olli, looks to be closing according to unofficial reports.

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J.B. Hunt will make Waymo Via accessible through J.B. Hunt 360, a digital freight matching platform.

J.B. Hunt Preps to Complete Fully Autonomous Transport in Texas

J.B. Hunt and Waymo Via have expanded their collaboration and pilot of Waymo’s autonomous Class 8 trucking unit powered by the Waymo Driver.

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Pre-production for Nuro's third-generation delivery vehicle is underway now, and the company...

Nuro Introduces Third-Generation Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Nuro's new autonomous delivery vehicle improves on past designs, including a custom external pedestrian airbag across the front of the bot.

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To better validate and measure the progress of the technology, Embark plans to demonstrate...

Embark to Develop Autonomous Truck Tech to Navigate Snow

Embark Trucks will develop and deploy technology that would allow trucks equipped with Embark’s autonomous technology to navigate in snowy conditions by the end of winter 2022.

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Both companies bring its tech solutions to the table for the vehicles, from Mobileye's True...

Zeekr, Mobileye Plan Collaboration on Consumer AVs

The two companies plan to deliver the world’s first consumer autonomous vehicles with L4 capabilities by 2024.

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GM and Qualcomm showcased its dedicated Snapdragon system-on-chips for the advanced driver...

GM's Ultra Cruise Receives ADAS Computing Upgrade

The upcoming advanced driver assistance platform will soon be powered by system-on-chips developed by Qualcomm Technologies, and will be available in 2023 on GM vehicles.

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