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Sponsors for the 2020 Fleet Forward Conference answer four questions regarding their mobility strategies as they relate to commercial, corporate, and government fleets.

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The Urgent Need to Cross Pollinate Car Rental and Mobility Services

On-demand business models are rapidly evolving as car rental, car sharing, ride-hailing, and public transport are merging into Mobility-as-a-Service platforms. Experimentation is critical to help resolve untested legal issues around data management, liability, and duty of care.

Applying Commercial Fleet Best Practices to Two-Wheeled Mobility

Owning and running a successful auto parts delivery business for nine years, Jeb Lopez knows logistics. He’s now bringing his commercial fleet experience to Usain Bolt’s scooter startup — and reinventing the rules for managing last-mile mobility fleets.

Denso Launches Smart Mobility in Ohio

Denso announced it will test and implement mobility services across Dublin involving wireless devices, cloud computing, and a network of sensors, cameras, and data.

Spireon Launches FleetLocate for Ford

Spireon has launched FleetLocate for Ford, syncing the fleet management solution with Ford vehicles that support the automaker's open-platform Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC), and also announced updates to its user interface.