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Autonomous Vehicles

Where and How Are AV Shuttles Gaining Traction?

In planned communities such as Lake Nona, Fla. and in last-mile applications serving mixed-use campuses, autonomous shuttles require minimal new infrastructure and are cleaner and quieter than traditional buses.

Waymo Begins Autonomous Mapping Runs in New Mexico and Texas

Waymo has begun carrying out interstate mapping operations by a fleet of minivans in New Mexico and Texas – a move that is seen by many tech observers as a prelude to long-haul evaluation runs of tractor-trailers under autonomous control.

Defining the Catalysts to Autonomous Adoption

Although most of the headlines today on autonomy are about personal transportation, the key motivators to advancing the technology involve specific applications that reduce high-cost labor and expand connections to services in controlled-speed, fixed-route deployments.

U.S. Commits to Lead in Autonomous Vehicle R&D

A new report issued by the U.S. National Science and Technology Council and the U.S. Department of Transportation laid out the Trump administration’s plans to stake out a leadership role for the country in the global race to develop autonomous vehicle technology.