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Delivery Fleets

Planning for Vaccine Deliveries by Drone

The market for urban air mobility (UAM) may see more rapid expansion with last-mile drone deliveries of essential medicines to rural destinations, where the cost structure of ground shipping is prohibitively expensive.

Indigo Introduces an EV Built for the Gig Economy

How do you produce an electric commercial vehicle for $20,000? Make it lightweight and use patented robotic wheels to deliver a smooth ride. Then create a fintech ecosystem to lower delivery drivers’ cost per mile.

Santa Monica Launches Zero-Emissions Delivery Zone, First in U.S.

The one-square mile zone will provide priority curb access for zero-emission delivery vehicles. The pilot program will also demonstrate medium- and light-duty delivery EVs, electric micromobility delivery solutions, and a medium-duty electric truck-sharing program and charging station.

Proterra To Supply Batteries For Volta Trucks

A deal with Proterra completes Volta Trucks’s strategic sourcing of its electric powertrain. The venture will lead to production of the all-electric 16-ton Volta Zero commercial truck that can deliver freight inside urban areas.