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Smart Cities


Waymo, Tesla to Headline Virtual Fleet Forward Experience

The online conference will convene Nov. 9-13.

Waymo will outline its plans to integrate its autonomous solutions into the trucking and goods delivery markets. Tesla, along with a fleet client, will share how the EV manufacturer is working with fleets to support their electrification efforts.


Michigan Plans Connected, Autonomous Vehicle Corridor

At its core, the project is designed to be “future proofed” and evolve to meet transportation...

The project envisions connecting Detroit and Ann Arbor along with key communities and destinations along Michigan Avenue and Interstate 94 in Wayne County and Washtenaw County with an innovative infrastructure solution that allows for a mix of connected and autonomous vehicles, traditional transit vehicles, shared mobility, and freight and personal vehicles.


New Hampshire Paves Way for Flying Cars

This is a prototype of the Switchblade made by Samson Sky, which the U.S. Department of...

Dubbed the Jetson Bill, the legislation provides “roadable aircraft” — often called flying cars — a clear method of state registration allowing their use on state roads and highways.


Three Mobility Opportunities Emerging from the Lockdown

Urban planners will usher in a Renaissance for clean, livable cities with slow streets as...

Issues forced on us from the pandemic — such as managing passenger loads on public transit, pedestrian-only city streets, and demand for cashless transactions — will present new opportunities for traditional and startup transportation players alike.


Creating a Contactless Future for Cities

As agencies emerge from the first lockdown period and seek to deploy zero-touch ticketing...

Now is the time for cities — and specifically, public transit agencies — to take action to reduce that risk wherever possible and make the most optimal mode of transit safer and more appealing.

Fleet Incentives

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle in your fleet. Compare vehicles by class and model.


New York City Taking 'Cargo Bikes' for a Spin

The Big Apple is working with a host of parcel-delivery fleets to evaluate the use of cargo...

Aiming to get some diesel-powered delivery trucks off the streets, the Big Apple has approved a pilot to evaluate the performance of "cargo bicycles" on its streets, loading zones, bike lanes, and sidewalks.