Mobility Solutions for Fleets
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Shared Mobility


Defining Scenarios for Sharing Fleet Vehicles

Merchants Fleet CampusShare college clients use passenger vans such as the Ford Transit.

John Cail of Merchants Fleet outlines use cases in which fleet operators are implementing technology to facilitate automated, on-demand access to vehicles. The higher utilization is allowing them to eliminate 15% of their fleet vehicles — and in some cases 30%.

Fleet Incentives

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle in your fleet. Compare vehicles by class and model.


DCTA Approves $2.4M of on-Call MaaS Contracts

With new firms and evolving technologies available for utilization by a public transportation...

In April, DCTA’s Board of Directors approved a new suite of on-call contracts that will allow the agency to allocate up to $2.4 million of its annual operating budget to offer a variety of mobility services via task orders.