Three recent accidents involving Teslas that resulted in three fatalities has raised concerns over the safety of vehicle's autopilot feature, KOMO News reports

Tesla states its autopilot is only meant to assist drivers by keeping the vehicle in its lane and at a safe distance from other vehicles. However, autopilot can change lanes on its own.

An accident Sunday in Southern California occurred after a Tesla Model S, traveling at a high speed, ran a stop light. It struck another vehicle, killing two people. 

That same day in Indiana, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a parked firetruck, which resulted in the death of the Tesla's passenger.

In early December, a Model 3 hit a police vehicle in Connecticut, although no one was injured.

Authorities from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating whether the autopilot system was engaged in the California and Indiana crashes. The driver involved in the Connecticut accident told investigators the vehicle was in autopilot at the time of the incident.

Tesla maintains that vehicles are safer in autopilot, but that drivers must remain alert at all times.