-  Photo via pxhere.

Photo via pxhere. 

Peer-to-peer parking marketplace, Rover, based in Toronto, has announced that it will be piloting subscription programs on its platform.

Rover allows customers to either list or find unused parking spots, aiming to help its customers find “affordable and convenient parking.” Rover’s website says to “think of it as the AirBnB of parking.”

According to TechCrunch, Rover plans to test out the program starting this summer into early fall. With plans to test out several different versions of the subscriptions, with perks, discounts, and advanced booking and premium customer service options.

In addition, pricing will vary between $5 and $15 Canadian depending on the different feature’s customers are looking to pay for.

Currently, Rover is only available in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, with plans to extend to more regions in Canada and eventually California.

Peer-to-peer parking has sprouted and grown over the last few years, giving drivers options to park in dense urban environments. Many of these apps allow individuals and businesses to rent out under-utilized parking spots.

Los Angeles-based Pavemint gives those living in southern California parking spot options. While Parkgene, formally known as Parkguru launched in 2017 offering parking spaces across 8,000 cities around the world.  Many of these apps utilize their own cryptocurrency options on mobile platforms.