No matter the size of your fleet, it’s easy for vehicle maintenance to sneak up on you when you’re focused on optimizing your budget and profit margin. Service, maintenance, and repair costs can quickly add up, and traditional solutions require a commitment of employee and vehicle downtime. The result is common: your business loses as much as $760 per day, per vehicle!

But what if you could create a fleet maintenance strategy that doesn’t revolve around allocating time for your employees to shuttle vehicles to off-site or paying expensive mechanics’ rates? How different would your day-to-day operations be if a reliable maintenance solution came straight to you? With Spiffy Fleet Management as a Service, you can simplify fleet management by eliminating the need for downtime with a one-vendor solution tailored to your needs and based around five fundamental tenets: convenient, digital, green, mobile, and professional.


Prioritizing convenience allows fleets to manage their vehicle in-fleeting, preventative maintenance, and de-fleeting with the seamless marriage of digitally-enabled services. Fleet Managers utilize a custom-built app to schedule, track, rate, and pay for vehicle services for their branch, area, or region. Appointments can also be scheduled during off-hours or weekends to accommodate any fleet, particularly with a busy shipping season ahead.

The typical range of services includes pre-delivery inspections, reconditioning (wash, detail), preventative maintenance (oil change, tire rotation), and de-fleeting (de-fueling, label removal). Our model is also constantly evolving with additional offerings, such as comprehensive disinfection solutions, tire replacement, and on-demand electric vehicle charging.


By custom-building an accessible, zero-cost app for each fleet, it becomes easier for fleet managers to keep up with maintenance in real-time. Appointments can be scheduled and tracked from a computer or smartphone, with custom access for different management levels to report on the process. Best of all, every payment is safely encrypted for immediate digital billing, which simplifies budgeting, optimizing out of service percentage, and reporting your fleet’s service costs.

The technicians taking care of your fleet are equipped with a proprietary smartphone app, providing them with a customized pre-service inspection checklist, including VIN/license plate scans and photo documentation from before and after the appointment. During each service, technicians can send live service updates and upgrade recommendations; the latter includes supplementary services such as tire repairs, windshield repairs, paintless dent removal, odor elimination, and biohazard removal. Finally, post-service notifications are sent out as soon as every appointment has been marked as complete by the technician.


Exceeding environmental compliance lies at the center of Fleet Management as a Service. To make each fleet maintenance appointment eco-friendly, technicians rely on biodegradable cleaning products. Protective mats can be utilized underneath each vehicle, covering the ground and trapping water for reclamation after completed services. Vacuum berms can return the used water, residue and all, to the technician’s van for reprocessing. Similarly, used oil and tires are collected and returned for recycling - the latter made possible by a partnership with PRTI, Inc.

As fleets begin to adopt and transition to electric vehicles, our partnership with SparkCharge puts Spiffy at the forefront for on-demand fleet charging. By providing charging flexibility outside of existing infrastructure, we aim to help accelerate fleet electrification in the years ahead.


Fleet Management as a Service wouldn’t serve every fleet’s needs without a commitment to on-demand maintenance. Each van comes equipped with the water, electricity, and tools required to serve various fleets efficiently, even in high volumes. The result is a simplified process for fleet managers, made possible by eliminating the need to provide the human and capital resources for completing services.


No part of Fleet Management as a Service would function without a top-down dedication to professionalism. By understanding what modern fleets require for maintenance and curating a model that fits the needs of different management levels, this solution can flourish primarily due to the W-2 trained technicians who provide the services. The choice to avoid contract labor ensures proper training and control over every service and appointment, such as scheduling or guaranteeing that every technician is using appropriate personal protective equipment (i.e. face mask, gloves, and goggles).

Creating a preventative maintenance strategy that works to maximize your bottom line is critical. With Fleet Management as a Service, Spiffy is changing how fleet managers at every level strategize and address their vehicles’ maintenance needs. By choosing an all-digital model that prioritizes your needs as a manager, you can focus on maximizing your fleet’s time and dollar utilization, regardless of how many vehicles are in your inventory.


Why delay learning more about our one-vendor complete car care solution? Discover how the Fleet Management as a Service model can get to work for your fleet at https://www.getspiffy.com/fleet-forward!